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Welcome to the new Peg Perego Service Site. The welcome page introduces the new web structure dedicated to the customers Peg Perego.

Dear ,

We inform you that in order to optimize our business process, we have changed the codes of our customers. All new codes will start with "IC".

Your new code is:


If you had 2 dedicated codes, one for the toy and one for juvenile, you will have only one code.

We want to reassure you in the "ORDER STATUS" area of ??the Peg Perego portal that you can continue to observe and consult the history of all your orders, both those linked to the old code and those present in the new one.

We also remind you that by accessing the portal you can continue to use the credentials already in your possession.

For more information, please contact our customer service.

Donwload Peg Perego Marketing Materials

Please note that the archive of all the Peg Perego material marketing is available through the new Swapping Area - http://dam.depedrinionline.com/pegperego/ !


To access this area , please use the same login information ( username and password ) you're using to access this Customer Portal Peg Perego Site.

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  • 28.08.2015
    The new swapping area is now available!